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Kobe Parks and Greenery Association
Midoridai, Suma-ku, Kobe-shi
Kobe Sports Park Control Center 2F
TEL 078-795-5533
FAX 078-795-5544



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Green of Mt. Rokko 100 years later
To future children
We push forward activity to succeed.

Kobe Parks and Greenery Association and Mt. Rokko

"City park, natural park, maintenance of green tracts of land and a variety of profits raise promotion of inflecting" in articles of association (Article 4 (2)), and our Associations promotes various utilities.
We will push forward "Rokko Yamamori forest maintenance strategy" (2012 development) which Kobe-shi devised as one of the inside while planning role allotment with city.
(public interest 1 business)

With Mt. Rokko Forest Promotion Fund

Kobe Parks and Greenery Association is doing activity to protect Rokko mountain, and to bring up to succeed Mt. Rokko in healthy state to children 100 years later beautifully.

It is fund that Kobe Parks and Greenery Association founded on April 1, 2015.
Company and personal all of you whom you can approve of give contribution to and use for press-agenting care of forest of Mt. Rokko, thinking about method to utilize Rokko mountain, importance of care.


  1. At place pleased with by everybody, we care for forest of Mt. Rokko.
  2. We think about method to utilize Mt. Rokko and support that it inflects.
  3. We have everybody know importance of Rokko hilly section case.

Of securing of hiking way, view comfortable to walk in
It is cared for forest to save

Wall using materials of Mt. Rokko

It is study butameno in Mt. Rokko
Cooperation, PR to event