Flowering information

Event information

It is reception desk start ... from 9:00 on - Tuesday, October 10 held on flower arrangement classroom Wednesday, October 25

We make chic Christmas wreath of silver green☆

Autumn Rose Festival 2017

We attract in this one of them attracted by one of them

"fureru! Event for series children

As for this year "fureru! The series start!
And, as for the Autumn Children's Festival, furerushirizu plays a key role!
You confirm schedule, and you do it, and find with drum!

Tasha and story society to enjoy

Let's enjoy picture book and song together♪

Imperial villa charm program 2017

Let's move body in Rikyu Park in autumn!
And is it not healed for herb and aroma?

Special contribution - Fujioka of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the park talks; "be concerned with rose and Kobe"

Suma Rikyu Park in succession to the genealogy of Rose Garden of Kobe,
We reached the opening of the park 50th anniversary in May, 2017.
In commemoration of this, Tomohiro Fujioka contributed about Kobe-shi and rose.

"Aim ★ plant doctor in Suma Rikyu Park"

Of "aim ★ plant doctor in Suma Rikyu Park" display introduction panel.

"Rose ★ Grower" holding

We care for rose for one year from April, and does it not become Rose Grower together?

"Plant and highlight walk ★ 2017 of the four seasons" holding

It is the ninth year in this year! We take a walk through the highlight of the seasonal trees and plants in garden with volunteer lecturer, and let's discover wisdom and wonder of plant.

yo ran beginner class