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In "beetle observation society" to all of participation

Special contribution - Fujioka of the 50th anniversary of the Suma Rikyu Park [1967-2017] talks; "associate with rose and Kobe"

Suma Rikyu Park in succession to the genealogy of Rose Garden of Kobe in May, 2017 the opening of the park 50th anniversary
We meet. In commemoration of this, Tomohiro Fujioka is contribution kudasaima about Kobe-shi and rose
We did. Fujioka is domestic eminent rose expert as well as Kansai.

It is exhibited to episode 1-3!

Star Festival circulation ... Tukimiyama Store Association - Suma-dera mae Shopping Street - Suma Rikyu Park

Do you not participate in Tukimiyama Store Association, Suma-dera mae Shopping Street, Rikyu Park, "Star Festival circulation" of Tsukimiyama Station?

We hold campaign on rainy day!

Seeds of flower are presented to one visited on rainy weather day ("Children's Forest" use cancellation day)!

Summer Festival

Fun! otakusan
All split open together! In the summer

Child event "fureru! Series"

Do you not let daddy, mom, children have various experiences in Rikyu Park?
In memory of summer vacation!

rikyu, challenge to be heated to be heated

We download leaflet, and let's challenge program!

"Rose ★ Grower" holding

Imperial villa charm program 2017

Sunday, June 25 Open-air Yoga holding!
Mind and body are refreshed together under kusunokino♪

"Plant and highlight walk ★ 2017 of the four seasons" holding