Our Associations "city park, natural park, maintenance of green tracts of land and a variety of profits promotion of inflecting"
We advocate in articles of association (Article 4 (2)) and promote various utilities.
"Rokko Yamamori forest maintenance strategy" (2012 development) which Kobe-shi devised as one of the inside
We may go ahead while planning role allotment with city. (public interest 1 business)

In our Associations, we secured financial funds of business stably and, also, established "Mt. Rokko Forest Promotion Fund" in April, 2015 to push forward Mt. Rokko Forest Promotion with all of citizen, companies.

  • We care for the forest of Mt. Rokko and support.
  • We perform investigation and business to utilize the forest of Mt. Rokko and support. We launch "tree of kobe forest project" with private business person and perform working for utilization.
  • We perform enlightenment, public information of forest maintenance of Mt. Rokko and support.