Flowering information

Event information

Spring Rose Festival 2018

Season to be able to meet once a year…

... during - acceptance held on flower arrangement classroom Wednesday, May 30

It is tissue case of rattan which pink rose has a cute☆

Rikyu live schedule & performer information

Recruitment of Rikyu live performers!

Do you not announce result of everyday activity in Suma Rikyu Park?

Imperial villa charm program 2018

We will tell about event by charm program in 2018 including Tree Climbing and yoga.

"Rose ★ Grower" holding

We care for rose for one year from May, and does it not become Rose Grower together?

Western orchid beginner class

In Botanical Garden appreciation greenhouse horizontal Seminar room, we hold around eight times a year.

"Plant and highlight walk ★ 2018 of the four seasons" holding

It is the tenth year in this year! We take a walk through the highlight of the seasonal trees and plants in garden with volunteer lecturer, and let's discover wisdom and wonder of plant. ※Meeting place changes from April! Please be careful.

"Aim ★ plant doctor in Suma Rikyu Park"

Of "aim ★ plant doctor in Suma Rikyu Park" display introduction panel.

Guidance of event of from April, 2018 to March, 2019

It is event information until from April, 2018 to March, 2019.