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With Flower-Greenery Promotion Center

For living flower and green!
We help.

Flower-Greenery Promotion Center propels town development that flower and green by collaboration with citizen overflow generally.

We aim at being able to help citizen's through various activities such as information dispatch of tree planting enlightenment and various events, holding and gardening classroom of event, gardening classroom, the training of green flower volunteer or activity support.

We see in detail


Garden of Flower Town


"Group Planting class of indoor plant that heart is enriched" holding

We made Mr. "Group Planting class of indoor plant that heart was enriched" holding Kenkichi Nose (former Hyogo Prefectural University's professor) lecturer and held Group Planting lesson using houseplant. With stories such as arts of recommended houseplant and how to raise, it is made with Group Planting. As for it…]

Kobe nomachinaka flower bed


Iniesta appears in Flower Clock

The 504th transplantation was performed in Flower Clock of the Kobe-shi government office north side Iniesta appearance in koube Flower Clock. With will of welcome to Iniesta joined in Vissel Kobe, it is uniform with uniform number "8" of glory turn and soccer baud…]




Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Kobe Parks and Greenery Association Flower-Greenery Promotion Center

  • 〒650-0006 2-8, Suwayamacho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi [access]
  • TEL: 078-351-6756 FAX: 078-341-8710
  • Opening time from 9:00 to 17:00
  • Closed day Monday
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