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  • 2018.02.06
  • Kobe Parks and Greenery Association
  • NEW

About holding of Tarumi Wellness Park Inline Skating Festa

We hold Inline Skating Festa on March 4.

  • 2018.02.05
  • Oji Park (Oji Zoo)
  • NEW

Drinks with vending machine in Oji Zoo news (guidance of bid) of sale business consignment company open call for participants

In Oji Zoo, we raise trust companies of sale duties such as drinks with vending machine.

  • 2017.10.06
  • Suma Rikyu Park

The name of Suma Rikyu Park original Rose was decided!

The name of original Rose of Suma Rikyu Park was decided.

  • 2017.04.25
  • Kobe Parks and Greenery Association

We made PR video of park!

We made PR video of Suma Rikyu Park, Arboretum, Kobe Sports Park, Aina Satoyama Park, Sorakuen Garden!

  • 2017.04.07
  • Kobe Parks and Greenery Association

Wi-Fi came to be usable! (Rikyu Park, Arboretum, Sports Park)

In Rikyu Park, Arboretum, Sports Park, Wi-Fi came to be usable.

  • 2017.03.23
  • Kobe Seishonen Park

Kobe Seishonen Park Day Camp Area vending machine is removed

Vending machine of drink installed in young people Park Day Camp Area is removed in March.

Person who can come for Day Camp Area has drink, and come in future.

  • 2017.03.14
  • Tarumi Wellness Park

Dog run is established from April, 2017 [Tarumi Wellness Park]

In Tarumi Wellness Park, dog run by administration of Kozukayama women's society is established from April, 2017. We follow rule, and let's use definitely!

  • 2017.01.23
  • Kobe Parks and Greenery Association

News of recruitment of staff

It is recruiting the staff of Kobe Parks and Greenery Association now.

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